21 workers with fake IDs busted at Maryvale grocery

21 workers with fake IDs busted at Maryvale grocery

A Maryvale grocery is the target of Sheriff Joe Arpaio latest employer sanctions raid.

Arpaio Criminal Employment Squad served a search warrant early Thursday afternoon on Lam Asian/International Food market at 6740 W. Indian School Rd. in west Phoenix. buy fake ids

In a statement, Arpaio said his office received a hotline tip several months ago from a former employer indicating a number of employees were “likely being employed through illegal means.”

The sheriff said the store employs 27 people, 21 of whom allegedly used fake IDs to obtain employment. buy fake ids

Thursday operation used more sheriff deputies than usual, Arpaio said.

“We figured it would be very likely that employees would warn others to flee the premises using that radio system, so we manned the entrance and exit doors with several deputies to prevent anyone from bolting, scannable fake ids ” Operations Chief David Trombi said.

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